Monday, May 23, 2011

Think Outside the Box for Interesting Design

This is a hinged divider hung on a large wall.
I believe you can achieve very interesting design by repurposing items.  That is, to use it in a way that is unlike it's original intended use.  We talked about this some when we talked about hanging plates on the wall in different configurations.  Here are a few other ideas.  Hang a rug on a wall (especially good for large walls and curved walls.You can  hang a prized quilt on a wall behind a bed or on one of those 2 story walls that are so hard to decorate. Use a pretty mirror as a tray on a table to reflect a beautiful arrangement you place on it. (a pretty oval venetian glass mirror worked well for this). Small framed mirrors also work well as vanity trays for perfume bottles. You can use a pretty cut glass rose bowl ( about 6-7" diameter) as a tissue holder.  Just take the tissues out of the box and put them down in the rose bowl.  They dispense the same wasy they do from the box. A hinged room divider can be hung on a wall as artwork. This is a great way to fill a large space. An old door, or shutters or gate can make a very interesting headboard for a bed or just decorate any large space.  (I love the old ones with pealing paint and rust.) A large pot can be used as a side table with just a smalll round glass put on top.  Ok, I think you get the idea.  Now leave me some of your repurposing ideas in the comments.  If you would like to get email notifications of new posts please fill in the 'follow by email' box at the right.  All posts will not be posted to facebook.
Have a blessed week!   ele
Iron grates hung together make an impact on a bathroom wall.

Another hinged divider hung on the wall for impact.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Spots of Color

 Most of you have figured out by now that I loooooove color.  It makes my day to run onto a "happy spot of color".  Color has such an effect on your mood.  Now if I were a sophisticated woman, and of course I am not, the I would talk about using 'colorful vignettes', but since I am just a plain ole small town gal I will talk about using 'happy spots of color'.  You can do  this in soooo many ways and it is something that can be changed all the time with very little trouble or expense.  This time of year it often is found in fresh flowers, but it can be in towels,  pillows, bowls of fruit and a million other things. I love to snap pics of these fun sightings and I am sharing some of my most recent sightings with you today!  I have just bought a new camera but these are not taken with it so soon my photos should improve dramatically. Hope you enjoy! Share some of your happy spots with me!  Make my day!!!
Have a great week!!!   ele
Spring flowers at cousing Kay's home in Edmond, Oklahoma
Such a fun little happy spot in cousin Kay's kitchen   Edmond, Oklahoma
A bowl of decorative balls that I change with the seasons.  These were from Target!

On the porch of the Broken Spoke restaurant in Pickwick, Tennessee

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From Cobalt to Navy- The Blues are Back

Sorry to have not posted in the last few days but my computer got eaten by a nasty virus!!  I want to know just where the slimey weasels are that spend all that time to get into our stuff!!! Get a real job!!!  Ok, now that I have that off my chest!  On with the news! I'm sure you all remember that I Love ALL things BLUE!

Happy mornings!

Soooo........ I am very happy that the deep rich blues are everywhere.  The colors are very deep rich shades from cobalt blue to dark inky (is that a word?) navy. When I say the blues are back, that does not mean the color was ever out of style, it just means that retailers are producing a lot of items in these colors. No color is truly ever out of style if it is used properly.  What does go out of  style  are certain color combinations. (remember  the light blue and mauve of the 80's?) More recently light blue has been paired with chocolate brown.  Always be aware of how long a trendy combination has been going.  You don't want to jump in at the end of a color trend.  Trendy color combos are those that are shown in mass marketers (dept stores and catalogues.)  There is nothing wrong with going with the trend but jump in early so you don't look dated too soon. That being said I want to reiterate how blue and white is always classic.  Here are some wonderful inspiration rooms using blues.  These photos are from the April issue of Traditional Home Magazine, one of my favorites!  I also spotted a fabulous blue glass lamp in Target.  Who knew?!  Love those blues.  ele

Cool white makes the blue POP!

Look at those great lattice print pillows.