Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paint a New Face!

Hi Ya'll!
     Been away far too long so will try to do better! While I was away I have become obsessed with redoing, re purposing, reinventing,    .....you get the idea.  Thrift stores have become my favorite haunt.  It all started with helping child #3 prepare for her new digs in Florida.  Another post coming soon on how her furniture is coming along.  But then I went shopping in my own house.  I found this old wooden tray. Not bad as it is but a little tired looking.  Soooo with a little paint it is now a special part of my guest room  for only the price of a little paint.  Go shopping in your home and see what kind of hidden treasure you can find.  Hugs, ele

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go Bold in Small Spaces!

Have you ever seen a wonderful wallpaper or fabric that was very big and bold and thought to yourself, 'I could never pull that off'', or  'I like that but I don't think I could take a lot of it'?.  The answer is to use it in a small place.  Half baths, utility rooms, and entry halls are perfect places to go bold. Just because a space is small does not mean it can't be fun or have bold impact.  Here is a half bath of my friends new home,  the black molding really sets off this bold paisley. ( this home actually won a home show for the design the year before she bought it)
I also have used bold pattern in my entry hall.  I have actually had this paper up for 10 years and am not a bit tired of it.  You can see it through my glass front doors and I love coming into it.
So don't be afraid, go out thee and BE BOLD! You will love it!!!
hugs to all, ele