Favorite Things

FT12  I was drug kicking and screaming into the smart phone age. ( not really, I DO love gadgets!) That being said, I was a little late.  When a client showed me how much time I could save by using it I was sold.  I am a long time T-Mobile (4 name changes) customer.  Always been happy with them (talking to Nigeria and Hawaii was just like they were next door) so I didn't want to change.  That's why I first landed on the Android  G2 by HTC.  I absolutely love it and don't know how I lived with out it.Here are some of the reasons I like it.
1. 4G speed ( eat your hearts out ATT  iPhone users, and yes I do know they have bought T-Mobile... groannnnnnnnnnnn)2. It sinks with my Google calendar and contacts 3. It sinks with my Gmail.4. It takes great pictures (5 MP)5. Thousands of free apps to choose from.  (weather, calculator, calorie counter, notes, . you name it)
6.  The Google Maps and Navigation is by far more reliable than my Garmin. 7.  Most important... I can show grandbaby pics to everyone I see!!
I would go on but you get the picture. And, NO I do not get paid for any of this stuff, I just like to share good news!!  Have a great weekend!!

 Today's favorite is my Revlon Ion Select Travel Dyer.  I love this little dryer for several reasons:
1. It has 3 ion settings. The more ions you use the smoother your hair.
2. Very fast drying time as the ions breaks the water molecules smaller so they can dry faster.
3. Powerful  1875 watts
4. Small and folds to pack.
5. Dual voltage for foreign travel  110/250.
All this for about $23.00 ( got mine at Ulta)

Today's favorite thing is the Pioneer Woman Cookbook by Ree Drummond. I like it because she lives just up the road from my hometown in Oklahoma and her recipes are good old home cookin'.  But the real treat are the phenonomenal photos of life on the ranch.
FT9   My favorite thing today is my red (my favorite color) Cuisinart counter top ice cream maker. I got mine at Costco but they are sold everywhere.  Never again will I pack in the ice and salt and listen to at least an hour of grinding to get homemade ice cream!  What I like is there is no mess and it is quick and easy. Today I made fresh raspberry frozen greek yogurt.  It is soooo simple.! click on recipes to see how to make it.
FT8    "Blogging for Bliss" the book by Tara Frey.  This book has been so helpful in learning about the world of blogging.  She shares pages from many of her favorite blogs that are just a feast!  So much fun. The glossary alone is worth buying the book.  It has definitions for all that confusing internet talk. (Url, ETC)

FT7      While I will readily admit that my stack of books to read is much larger than the stack I have read, I flew through Jan Karon's 'Mitford Series'. Please do read them in order.  What I love is that this series, while not specifically written to be spiritual book, it packs a big spiritual wallop! You will fall in love with the people of this small town and will feel like you know them all personally.  It shows how God uses life's everyday mundane things to accomplish His will.

FT6     I love the devotional book "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.   I have
given ssoooo many of these as gifts that I have lost track of who I have given them to.  She writes as if Jesus is personally talking to you, and give specific scriptures.  The daily thought are short and take just a couple of minutes to read but pack a powerful message each day.  I hope you will pick one up soon.

FT5     Dove dark chocolate kisses. Yum, it takes care of the chocolate craving and gives you a healthy dose of antioxidants! No guilt with this simple pleasure.

FT4  My Keurig coffee maker! I love it because it is almost instant, it gives really HOT coffee ( you can set the temp) and there are so many varieties to choose from!!! You can also make hot coacoa and hot cider and hot tea!!!

FT3     My Vtech cordless phone system - I love it because my cel phone rings through it and I don't have to run find my cel phone anymore!!!! I can also access my cel directory from any handset!

FT2     Community Coffee 1/2 Caf!! I love it for its mellow flavor and since it is hal the caffeine I can drink twice as much!!

FT1.     Almay roll up eyebrow defining pancil. I love it for blondes because it looks real, not green or yellow. I love dark blonde.