Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mrs. Walter's Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Isn't it amazing how wonderful aromas can bring back such vivid memories from our childhood? One of those wonderful memories for me was from a tiny frame house where a
Fresh hot cinnamon rolls!  uh oh - minus 1!?( I love the center ones!)
baking in the oven (can't your smell them?)
sweet little lady, Mrs. Walters, baked for people in our little town. You could smell the bread baking from blocks away.  Her cinnamon rolls were a staple at our house anytime we were having guests.  Large and ooey gooey with lots of winds.  Every bite was to savor.  The browned butter icing filling every crevice  was a sensory delight.  She was kind enough to give us the recipe when I was a teenager.  Silly me for ever thinking I could duplicate.  I actually have a picture of my sister and I chiseling the icing out of the pan after a dismal failure.  Well it has taken me 40 years to get up the courage to try again and amazingly it was a success!!!  Not sure I can do it again but for this one time they were perfect.  It was such a large batch that I gave them out to several people and now they are asking for the recipe.  I am glad to share it with you and hope that you too can create memorable smells for your families to enjoy this holiday season.  I cannot guarantee your success any more than I can my own but I'm sure you will create warm memories just trying.  Enjoy!!!   ele

Recipe: ( this is half her recipe which will make about 2 dozen, can be doubled if you want)
1 package dry yeast
2 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
6 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
5 Tablespoons melted shortening
1 egg

Measure warm water , add sugar  yeast and salt.  Add half the flour to this mixture and mix well. Add the shortening and 1 beaten egg. (you can add a few drops of yellow food coloring at this point if you would like) Add remaining flour and mix in bowl til smooth.  Allow this to rise til double in bulk ( about 2 hours)punch in down and roll out on a floured surface to about 1/3 inch thick into a large rectangle. Brush entire surface with melted butter and liberal sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. Roll up from one end and cut into 1/2 to 1" pieces and place in a greased pan. Let these rise again till about double in bulk.  ( some rising will occur during baking)Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes. If not browned bake a little more.  While baking make icing.

Icing: Brown 1/2 cup sugar in skillet and then add 1 stick of butter and 1/4 cup milk.  don't be alarmed if it clumps at this point, keep stirring.  Add powdered sugar while stirring till you get it the consistency you want, should take about 1 lb.   Pour this over hot rolls to completely cover.  These freeze well but always serve warm to get the full pleasure. !

This is how the icing looks.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bright spot in th midst of dreary sickness.

An inexpensive decorating idea.

The runners!
Precious sick baby Callan.
Sick, sick and more sick is what has eaten up the last month and put me so far behind this holiday season.  First I had the flu (Hump #1) and before I got well I was called to help with my sick grandbaby in Nashville who has caused her parents to miss a lot of work.  So we gladly went  over later  that week as I got stronger,  helped them out a couple of days and headed back to Memphis.  Hump #2 done. Then grandbaby came to Memphis a week later so her parents could run in the St. Jude 1/2 marathon and she woke up with the stomach virus  again.  Parents in a panic as she obviously could not go back to daycare the next day so I got in the car with them and went home to Nashville and stayed the next 4 days with a very sick baby.  Hump #3 went on endlessly for the little one. Meanwhile my hubby went down with the stomach virus (Hump # 4) and had to go it alone as his wife was off in Nashville.  Then my son began with the stomach virus  (Hump # 5)as soon as we got to Nashville. This virus is NOT a quick one and leaves your stomach problematic for several days.  Then just as baby was getting better her mother came down with a terrible throat and cough (Hump #6).  Then son caught the throat cold but got better quickly with juicing and veges. (ck out his new vegan blog Now I find out that the baby is back to diarrhea again!!!! (Hump #7 ongoing)  Running tests tomorrow.  Please pray.
 I say all this to tell you why I have not blogged in almost a month!  But I've been thinkin about ya!  So here are a couple of Christmas ideas I worked on during the sick duty.   These plastic  plates came from Hobby Lobby  at  1/2 price.  Just glued them together and put stick on letters for the JOY. Cute on a stand for about $7 total. The small plate came as you see it.  Got this cute idea from my sweet ( and sick) daughter in law. She also showed me hoe to make these tissue Christmas trees!  Just cut 2"x4" squares of tissue and bunch them up and pin them to foam tree forms. (also from Hobby Lobby)  Very easy to do and them set them on painted candlesticks to elevate them for a fun and inexpensive Christmas decoration. You all wash your hands and take your vitamins!!!  This sick season has way too much to offer!!!  hugs to all, ele