Friday, August 26, 2011

Furniture makeover

Ahhhhhhhhhh, where has the time gone?????  Who knew it takes so much time to help your last (boo hoo) child get all packed up and ready for her 'real life' move to Florida?!  It has been a lot of fun getting stuff at resale and thrift shops and redoing for the new digs. (yes, I just said digs, hmmmmmm dating myself?)  I wanted to show you a little progress report.  I think I told you that we found a vintage Drexel Heritage dining room suite and were redoing it.  Here are the original chairs. Great 'bones' don't you think??
So we found a fabric remnant that she loved and the redo went from there.  We only had 1 1/2 yard fabric so we had to add coordinates.  I have found that when you have to work at something because of limiting factors that many times it comes out even better and more interesting.  So she started with the floral and then added the apple green diamonds and the solid blue.  Such fun colors!!!!!  Ok here is the reveal of the chairs.
Are these not just the most fun??!!!  I want them!!!!  My daughter has really good taste and an eye for color.  We haven't quite decided what to do about the table.  Thinking of painting just the legs maybe black shiny like the chairs of maybe an antiqued blue and leave the top wood toned.  Will keep you posted.  Let us know what your vote would be.  Hope this has inspired you !!!!
hugs, ele

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Have you heard about...........

I hope this finds you all resting after a fun weekend.  I was sooooo productive!  I got the upstairs sorted through and cleaned out!!!!  Oh MY Goodness, I had started this clean out in the winter and just got bogged down (been there?) .  It feels sooo good to have it done.  This leads me to something that will be coming up in the near future.  I am going to be offering at greatly reduced prices (some even FREE!) the leftover inventory from my Antique Booths!!!  Watch for it!!!

Now on to my new obsession......PINTEREST!!!  Have you heard of it?  It may be old news to some of you but I am a newbie!!!  Basically it is online bulletin boards.  Think about it.  How many times have you been on a website and thought that you wish you could remember that idea or recipe.  Well now you can.  It is super easy.  You can have as many boards with individual subjects a you want.  I think I have 7 right now.   I am sure I will have more soon.  It is like organized clutter!!!  AND... you can follow your friends boards and repin their best ideas on your boards!!!!  By the way, did I say SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!???  Just go to and look for friends, (you can start with me if you want).  You will be surprised at how useful this is.  Kindof like a filing cabinet of ideas but no clutter!!!  Gotta love it!  Beware.... it is addictive!!!
Have a great week!!!!  Hugs to all ele

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Painted Furniture!! Everywhere!!!

One thing that became very clear while I was at market recently is that painted furniture is what is HOT! Any style furniture can have a whole new look with a painted finish.  Some are finished with a distressed look while others are painted in shiny lacquer.  All colors are out there.  You can breathe new life into an old boring piece of furniture or buy new that is already painted.  My youngest daughter and I have been haunting thrift stores lately and giving new life to some great old pieces.  We actually found a vintage Drexel Heritage dining room set that is awesome with the chairs painted shiny black.  when we finish with it I will post pics.  Soooo much fun!!  So don't throw it out, PAINT IT! Here are a few pics of great painted furniture I have run into lately.

Have fun with your decorating!!!  ele

I actually bought this pair of little tables for my new guest room.