Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Pics from Market

You all asked for more pics from market so here they are.  If anything really speaks to you then let's work on it!  Don't put sprucing up off until the holidays are upon you, then it is too late!!  There are lots of ways to give you home a lift without spending a lot of money.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Say Cheeeeeeeeese!!! Friday's favorite!

 TGIF!!!!!!  Time for me to share a favorite of mine.  Today I am sharing something my friend Maria got me started on.  It is Dubliner cheese and I get it at Costco. (of course!) I was a late bloomer when it came to cheese but when I did start liking it (as an adult) i went over the top.  Now I don't want anything without cheese!  I probably would have never tried this cheese had my friend not raved about it. The reason is that it comes in a large block and I don't usually like to commit to that big a purchase unless I know I like it.  But when my friend Maria tells you something is good you can just take it to the bank! ( however I don't think she has ever NOT liked a restaurant and that is really suspect!) This one is a real winner.  It is somewhere between a cheddar and a Parmesan.  I'm not really sure how to describe it except very flavorful.  Now that does NOT mean strong, as I don't really like 'stinky cheeses' like blue cheese, etc.  I would just say yummy!!!   Thanks Maria!!!
Everyone have a great weekend!!!  ele

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from Atlanta Market

 Hi Ya'll!!
I've been away from you waaaaaay too long!!!  First my computer got eaten by a virus (Do Not google Nicaragua!)  and then the first guy didn't do a good job getting it off, soooo after being out of town a week had to call in the good guys!!!!  Yea I'm back! I promise not to stay away this long anymore.

I just want to peak your interest about all that is going on in the design world.  I will be specific with lots of pictures soon.  I tell you it is an overwhelming feast for the eyes.  I know you all want to go but believe me when everything in the world is under one roof it is
VERY overwhelming and one set of feet and legs just cannot last too many days. (at least not these old dogs)  Things to look for in design:

*Bold rugs
*Lots of shiny silver ( lamps, vases, trays, etc)
* Gray (not my favorite but paired with another great color can be nice)
*Tile or garden gate patterns on everything!
*Red  lots of it
*Orange  lots of it
*Anything bamboo
 Ok, enough for now, will expound later in detail.  But just to throw you a bone, here are a few pics of market displays.
See you soon!!  ele

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pineapple Gadget

Start with a nice pineapple
I am sooooooo excited to tell you about my new find!!!  It is a gadget that peels and cores pineapples effortlessly.  If you are like me you HATE to cut up pineapples.  I avoided them at all cost or spend way too much money to buy them already cut up.  Then I ran across this little inexpensive ($6  I think)  gadget at Aldi.(by the way, my cousin Maryanne tipped me off to the 99 cents pineapples at Aldi).I thought it probably would not work but wow was I ever surprised!!  You would think my pineapple just fell out of a Del Monte can but instead it is fresh!!!  Yummmmmm.  No, this is not a commercial for Aldi.  Just sending on useful information.   Run do not walk!!! and get one of these!!!  You will love it!!

hugs to all, ele

This is what the gadget looks like.  Black end pops off.
Cut the ends off the pineapple.

Then place the blade part on the pineapple and start twisting.

It will turn till you go all the way through the fruit.  You will be left with beautiful slices and peeling and core.  Wala!!!!