Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Save $$ by Changing Detail on Cushions

This is one of my favorite saves!  Many times a chair or a sofa is still in great condition and not out of style but the cording around the edges is frayed and thin as this is the area that gets the most wear.  Instead of tossing it or reupholstering it, try replacing the cording with some brush fringe.  Not only will you save yourself a LOT of money but you will add a cool designer accent.   Many times I do this even when we are starting from scratch.  I absolutely love this look.  Whether you pick a matching color or be daring and pick a contrasting (even mingled!) fringe, I think you will be delighted with the outcome.  Now since you have saved all that money, why don’t you use some of it for a few new accessories to help with the update?!   A new lamp, piece of art or just a couple of throw pillows will freshen things up.  Ok now, go inspect that cording!!!!
Happy Spring!!!  ele

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's Favorite from the Oklahoma Plains

Friday’s favorite thing  (yes that is new as of today!) is straight from the rolling plains of Oklahoma, my home state.  Just returned from dropping off #3 child at the University of Oklahoma (can’t hardly stand to type that as I am an OSU grad,  and no I do not sing Boomer sooner!) for her last PT rotation. My new favorite was a gift from one of my favorite cousins, Kay, and it is the “Pioneer Woman Cookbook”.
 For those of you are ‘out of the loop so to speak’ this is by Ree Drummond, aka pioneerwoman.com. Not only is she my inspiration for blogging (#1 blog in America) but she is from just up the road from my home town of Cleveland, Okla.  My father used to do business with the Drummonds and I believe her father in law may be the guy my friend had a crush on and we drove by his house in the next little town like 9 zillion times (about 100 years ago). The Drummonds have been in the ranching business in Oklahoma for several  generations.  I  Loooove everything she writes about; recipes ( down home cooking), photography (she took all the pics herself), and just rural life in general.  The book is beautiful, so many pictures of life on the ranch, step by step pics of recipe making and you finally get to see ‘Marboro Man’ (her husband whose presence is always in her blog but whose face never is ) full front!! Ranch hand sweat and chaps and all!!
This is waaaay more than a regular cookbook!  It is a feast for the senses.  You gotta run, don’t walk to get your copy.  Thank you cousin Kay, you’re the BEST!!!! (She has given away about 15 of these)
Have a great weekend!!  ele

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hang that China

How many of you have some beautiful china just tucked away in a cabinet?  How about some of  your grandmother's plates?  Try hanging plates in an interesting pattern instead of hanging another picture on the wall!  At one time I counted as many as 50 plates hung somewhere in my home.  TOO MANY YOU SAY!? Well I tell you , when they are in different settings and wonderful groupings that does not seem like you are covered with plates.  Here are some interesting groupings of china on walls.  I prefer the plate hangers with the little ball hooks on the bottom instead of the spring loaded ones.  Just my preference. So take a look at some of these groupings and go hang that china!!!   
Have a great week,  ele

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Toes! Is there anything better?!

Baby toes are just the sweetest things in the universe!!  Am I right or what?! Those little wiggley pink and  perfect
toes.  Talk about inspiration for color.  That oh so soft shade of pink that has just enough warmth to make it almost a peachy tone. (notice the little foot is not the color of the pink blankie) This color is one that everyone can wear and it is fabulous on walls.  I particularly like it in bedrooms and baths.   I once had a master bath and dressing area papered in this color in a subtle moire (that watery looking pattern). Looooved it.  It gave a wonderful lighting effect in the vanity area where you put on makeup!  No strange colors bouncing off your mirror onto your skin with this color. Every paint company has many colors in this range. The color I am recommending is "ROMANCE" #6323 from Sherwin Williams.  Doesn't that name just fit?  Yes, I have been in Nashville for a few days with my new grandbaby and I am in love with her. Let me know if YOU have a favorite paint color that you would recommend!!  Enjoy!   ele  

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cuisenart ice cream maker & Raspberry Yogurt

My favorite thing today is my red (my favorite color) Cuisinart counter top ice cream maker. I got mine at Costco but they are sold everywhere.  Never again will I pack in the ice and salt and listen to at least an hour of grinding to get homemade ice cream!  What I like is there is no mess and it is quick and easy. Today I made fresh raspberry frozen greek yogurt.  It is soooo simple.! Take a small carton (maybe 1/4 pint) of fresh raspberries and put them in the food processor with about 3/4 cup sugar.  You can use splenda if you would rather but I don't have that measurement. Whirl those together until pureed.  Then put about 3 cups of non-fat greek yogurt. ( You won't believe how creamy something non-fat can be!) Put this in with the raspberry mixture and whirl it all together (love that word whirl!) . Taste to see if it is sweet enough for you.  There is always a little tanginess with greek yogurt.  Then put it all in the Cuisinart ice cream maker and turn it on!  In about 10 minutes you will have a luscious treat!!! Enjoy!!

Repetition and Multiples for Decorating Impact

When trying to make an impact, less is not always more.  When you have large areas to cover or large tabletops then multiples can be your answer. If you find something you love but it just isn't big enough to fill the space, then ask yourself if more than one will do the trick.  I realize this can be costly however you can find some less expensive things and use multiples to get a big effect for a small price.
   Multiples of just about anything can have a  huge impact.  Try vases down the center of a table with one flower each in them.  In a master bath instead of 2 framed mirrors over the sinks add a third one in the middle for a luxurious effect.  A large group of plates on a wall works well.  Think bold statement!  Send me pics when you find a way to incorporate this in your decorating. 
      Have fun!!!  ele


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grand Baby is Here!!!

 Our precious little grand baby is here!  After a long pregnancy and a very long labor (30 hours) our little girl came by C-section.  Is this not the most precious little face you have ever seen?  Oh yes of course I am not objective!!!  Her mommy and daddy( my only son) are tickled pink.  It's been a little rough on mommy but she is on the mend.  Fever is down. McCallan is good and healthy (as you can tell from the cheeks!) 8lbs 4oz. 19".  She liked her paci form the get go and loves to eat!!
God is sooooooooooo good and we are sooooo blessed!!!! 

a little doll!

mommy and daddy

Grammy, Poppy and McCallan

Book Winner

The winner of my first giveaway is Mary Lynn Rote of Memphis!  Thanks for entering.  Some of you made comments on facebook but you really need to comment at the bottom of the post to enter next time!!