Friday, January 4, 2013

Finally - Emerald Green is here

God chose emerald green as His neutral!
Finally the 'color gods' at Pantone have chosen EMERALD GREEN as the color of the year! Yippeeeeeee!!  My favorite!  Ok, I still love cobalt blue but I really love EMERALD GREEN. I love them both and really when they are together!!!  Can you believe people get to sit around and pick what colors you are going to buy and love for a living?!  What this means is that you are going to see this color in the stores in everything from apparel to furniture to rugs and accessories.
DO NOT let this  pass you by!  Run, do not walk to get this while it is here. Yes I know that you have been enjoying your pale blues and browns and neutrals. But just think about a splash of emerald to liven things up.
     Now I realize that most of us cannot just change our entire color scheme at every whim. (Oh how I wish I could!)  But there are ways to embrace this color whether or not you care to be dramatic ( I always fall into this category) or subtle. Dramatic would be large masses of color as on wall or floors.  Subtle would be like vases, pillows, and artwork.
      I am putting a visual feast of pictures with emerald for you to enjoy today,  Some of them may spark an idea of how you could embrace this fabulous color.  If not then you can just look around at God's world and enjoy His favorite color.  I always tell my clients that green is the original neutral made by God!  Just look out your window.  All the other colors in nature are shown with green! I really cannot think of any color that does not look good with some shade of green.  When in doubt, GO GREEN!
     Many of these photos come from the good people at House Beautiful.Enjoy!  Hugs to all, ele

Dramatic walls!

Bold walls.

Room sized rug..... dramatic
Just a fun splash!
                                                                   Salt anyone????
Wallpaper.  Yes it IS in style. ( not quite emerald)
This door would be even more fabulous in emerald.

The floor!!  Brilliant!
This is me on Saturday my dreams.
Paint furniture or reupholster

Gorgeous with periwinkle!

Now tell me you aren't inspired!!!!!!

Verrrrrrry subtle. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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